Environmental Art Statement

My work in nature has provided me with an acute awareness of the issues facing our planet due to the ever-increasing exploitation of natural resources. The globe is warming, glaciers are shrinking, entire ecosystems are disappearing, and people are dying from illnesses caused by toxins in their food, cosmetics and the air we breathe. I decided that my work would be void of significance unless some of my projects specifically address the preservation and protection of natural environments. As my body of environmental work is constantly evolving, the pedagogic and social aspects have become critical modes of engagement. They aim to improve and prove a symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world.

As most of us are aware, the state of the environment is for the most part extremely disheartening. This grim picture makes many feel their actions cannot have a tangible impact. Others give their life to the cause and return to “living in the woods,” lay their bodies in front of logging trucks, or do tree sits. Although I have great admiration for these extreme actions, I find there are alternative tactics to resolving environmental ails. My approach is peaceful. I firmly believe that if enough of us implement slight but substantial shifts in consumption habits, and stop using products whose harvesting or production causes environmental problems we can have a significant impact on the health of the planet.