Thinking Box

The Thinking Box is a small space, built to the size of the user, which creates a situation of perfect privacy from the surrounding environment.

It was initially conceived for people who live in a big city, where very often overwhelmed by the demands of a busy life one longs for a place to retreat from the outside world, or from other people. Sometimes only for a few minutes, sometimes for entire hours, to regain focus, to think, to meditate.

A perfectly white box, constructed of five panels of 3/4" plywood, built to the specific dimensions of the user. Three of the interior walls each have one small square platform. The platform opposite the door is for sitting and contemplating the horizon line (when door is open), the other two platforms are respectively one for sitting and one for writing.

The Thinking Box is a mobile piece and can also be placed outdoors, where it is possible to create a perfectly private space in an infinitely vast landscape, or in a remote wilderness. It can be taken apart at any time and transported to any site where it may be needed.