Environmental Art

CO2 Neutral Bicycle Journey #3:

Demo Eco M.O.


For the third leg, I made myself available to deliver tools to and collect works from fellow artists in the exhibition Demo, Eco, M.O. at Nurture Art in Brooklyn, NY, curated by Linda Weintraub. I dispatched art, mediums and tools which were shared, exchanged and donated. The data was displayed as before, via documentary footage of the journey through the streets, going from studio to studio to conduct drop-offs and pick-ups, and a chart displaying emissions produced. Each collection trip was a unique articulation and interface with other artists and denizens of New York City.

Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge One small pedal for mankind Artwork pick-up in Chelsea Artwork pick-up from Christina Massey Soil pick-up for Scrapworm Demo, Eco M.O. catalogue pick-up Artwork delivery to Nuture Art Trailer detail Trailer detail Installation view Installation detail Installation detail Installation detail