Environmental Art



Trash Collection Projects


Following my decision to address environmental issues with my work, I began documenting various natural elements of a remote area in the Canyonlands of Utah by photographing plants and rocks inside clear containers which functioned as framing devices. To my surprise, besides the “natural” materials, I encountered an inordinate amount of discarded industrially manufactured objects such as beer bottles, cans, etc. I felt it was necessary to document the dichotomy of man and nature and in doing so began what would become a series of “Trash Collection Projects.”

Later, I noticed litter lining both sides of a very scenic stretch of desert Highway 191 in Utah. I decided to “Adopt a Highway” and cleaned the stretch between mile markers 176 and 177. I photographed each object I picked up, and sorted my findings by category to create “Self Portrait With 12 Bags of Trash.”

Yucca Plant, Utah, 2000 Clear Glass Bottle, Utah, 2000 Young Juniper, Utah, 2000 Elements / Juniper Roots, Utah, 2000 Elements / Red Soil, Utah, 2000 Elements / Cow Dung, Utah, 2000 Elements / Inner Tubes, Utah, 2000 Four Elements, Utah, 2000